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Want the best DSL modem?

# 03/12/2012 à 20:22 erosyrist (site web)
I want to buy a decent efficient dsl modem Router for one of my friends. Of course, the application that could supportDD-WRT.

Preferably a Linksys, but will there be anything else better? Pls give me a suggestion which solution is the best for picking up a DSL Modem?

By the way, my friend’s birthday is just a week later.

Would you like to recommend a good DSL modem to me?

Thanks very much.
# 07/12/2012 à 04:50 Sotoutitawn (site web)
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# 07/12/2012 à 10:10 sharronvt50 (site web)
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# 15/12/2012 à 11:54 Grourhoof (site web)
# 19/12/2012 à 05:38 Meneleliar
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# 31/12/2012 à 03:50 Heena Kanase (site web)
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